Why You Need a “Gold Standard” Dermatologist

Here’s a couple of facts you may not know:

Pediatricians and General Practitioners do not routinely study dermatology in their medical preparation. Surprise! Basically that means they are not trained to detect skin cancer and melanoma at it’s earliest point of origin. That is why it is essential to schedule an annual full body skin screening with a qualified dermatologist.

But before you book your neighbor’s favorite derm, listen to this: not all dermatologists are equally trained either. Some specialize more in the aesthetic and cosmetic care of the skin. Others are dermatologists and medical doctors who offer greater attention to the disease aspects of the skin. Then there are those who are equally balanced in both specialties.

It is up to you to ask a few questions and make sure you are scheduling an appointment with a dermatologist who meets the Gold Standard of skin screening. This is no time to be shy!

You should expect the following during a screening appointment:

  • The dermatologist will put you into a gown and do a full body check for moles and any lesions. That includes the feet, nails, head and genital areas.
  • Make sure the dermatologist uses Dermoscopy or dermatoscopy. It is a scoping technique that uses skin surface microscopy. It can also be called epiluminoscopy and epiluminescent microscopy. It allows the dermatologist to look into the layers, color patterns and changes deep within the mole, rather than just glancing at the surface.
  • If anything atypical is found, the dermatologist will determine if it should be removed for biopsy or if it should be watched. The appropriate time period for “watching” is three months.

Many dermatologists will photograph moles they want to keep an eye on to best detect any change. Still others may recommend “mole-mapping” technology in families at high risk for the disease. This involves full body photography, but is relatively new.

Listed below are the amazing ‘Gold Standard” dermatologists in Maryland who dedicate their time and expertise to the Claire Marie Free Screening Program and meet the highest standards of care.  All are listed in alphabetical order.  Many are part of the renown teams at Johns Hopkins Dermatology, Simmons-O’Brien & Orlinsky, Belcara Health and Maryland Dermatology, Skin & Vein.

Dr. Karen Beasley
Dr. Bernard Cohen
Dr. Sherry Cohen
Dr. Brian Connolly
Dr. Meg Gerstenblith
Dr. Annie Grossberg
Dr. Christian Halvorsen
Dr. Sarah Hsu
Dr. Onah Lauring
Dr. Ciro Martins
Dr. Stanley Miller
Dr. Diane Orlinsky
Dr. Tola Oyesanya
Dr. Kate Puttgen
Dr. Rachel Schleicher
Dr. Mary Sheu
Dr. Eva Simmons – O’Brien
Dr. Saif Syed
Dr. Zain Syed
Dr. Vadim Villareol
Dr. Margaret Weiss
Dr. Robert Weiss
Dr. Rena Zuo