• BOD_0005_Marianne Banister

    Marianne Banister

    Marianne Banister serves as Co-Founder, President and CEO of the Claire Marie Foundation, but her most important title… more

  • BOD_0002_Rocky Wagonhurst

    Rocky Wagonhurst

    Rocky Wagonhurst serves as Co-Founder, Vice President and Chairman of the Board of the Claire Marie Foundation. More… more

  • BOD_0007_Hillary Wagonhurst

    Hillary Wagonhurst

    Hillary Wagonhurst is Co-Founder and Vice President of the Claire Marie Foundation and most importantly, Claire’s sister.  An… more

  • Christina-Ottone

    Christina Ottone

    Christina Ottone is a Supervisor in the Accounting Group at Ellin & Tucker. She not only sits on… more

Board of Directors

  • IMG_2752 (1)

    Jacqueline Smith

    Jacqueline Smith is a two-time stage III melanoma survivor who has dedicated the last decade of her life… more

  • BOD_0000_Tim Braue

    Tim Braue

    Tim Braue is a managing member at Nemphos Braue LLC where he focuses his practice on sophisticated corporate… more

  • BOD_0001_Steve Braun 3 (002)

    Steve Braun

    Steve Braun is President and CEO of Search Consultants International, part of the MRI Global Network, which is… more

  • BOD_0009_Casey Clark

    Casey Clark

    Casey Clark is an award winning investigative journalist and accomplished news executive.  During his more than 25-year career, Casey… more

  • BOD_0006_Julianne Kavoussi

    Julianne Kavoussi

    Julianne Kavoussi is a Philanthropist and Registered Nurse in Pediatric Oncology and Wellness Education. She is also the… more

  • BOD_0004_Pat Moriarty

    Pat Moriarty

    Pat Moriarty is the Senior Vice President of Football administration for the Baltimore Ravens. A former Running Back… more

  • BOD_0003_Patrice Wagonhurst

    Patrice Wagonhurst

    Patrice Wagonhurst is Chief Development Officer at Via Care Community Health Center in Los Angeles. She has more… more

Medical Advisory Board

Our medical advisory board provides expert knowledge, medical insight and expertise to CMF.