Kristen Bell, Nancy O’Dell, InStyle magazine and HGTV love her work! Now she is our newest friend of Claire Marie! We are so thrilled to have Stacey Vuduris of Stacey Vuduris Interior Design in Los Angeles join our Claire Marie Scholarship team. Stacey’s MO is simple: Create a signature design element for each room, use sleek modern lines, all while incorporating the client’s passions and style. She has a knack for creating gorgeous, personal spaces that just feel like home. In 2006, she started Stacey Vuduris Design, a company, which from its inception, has brought forth confident and daring plans for those interested in designing or refurbishing their homes. She specializes in residential design, but also has experience in hospitality design. Stacey’s celebrity clientele include Kristen Bell and Nancy O’Dell. Her designs were featured in a six-page spread for InStyle Magazine with Kristen Bell. She was also featured on HGTV’s “My Favorite Place”.