What is 10 minutes worth to you? We’re talking about 600 seconds. That’s roughly the length of time it takes to get your latte from your favorite barista.  It’s probably the same amount of time it takes to peruse your social media feeds or to shop for a couple of items on Amazon. It’s also the length of time it takes to get a full body, dermascopy based skin screening.  10 minutes that could save your life. You’re worth it right?

Since 2016, the Claire Marie Foundation has offered free skin screenings to nearly 1000 young people in Maryland. Of those,  more than 14% have been found to have atypical moles that needed biospy for suspicion of melanoma.   In 2019, we were able to take our screenings on the road by teaming with our CMF Collegiate Ambassadors at the College of Charleston and  Germaine Dermatology  in Mount Pleasant South Carolina where 50% of those college students screened required biospy for suspicion of melanoma.  Yes,  early stage melanomas have been found – often in moles that looked perfectly normal to the naked eye.  Those patients will tell you it’s the best 10 minutes ever spent! 

Melanoma diagnosis has increased 253% in the last 40 years in young people where it can develop for reasons that often have nothing to do with the sun! Melanoma can be the result of genetic, hormonal or immune related conditions.  It is the second most common cancer in adolescents, the number one diagnosed cancer in young adults under 29 and top cause of cancer death in women 25-30.  The Claire Marie Foundation is leading the charge in developing  melanoma prevention programs for adolescents and young adults. In fact we are the only non-profit in the U.S.  to turn a spotlight exclusively on this age group!

Melanoma is one of the most preventable of cancers. All it takes is a new mindset and simple life style changes.  Pretty simple huh?  What goes on at a Claire Marie Free Screening? Just take a look!


When is the next CMF Free Skin Screening? So glad you asked!  We’re working on that right now!  Details and locations  will be announced  both here on clairemariefoundation.org and our social media sites.  Check back as the appointments go fast!

In the meantime, if you have any concerns, contact a dermatologist who uses dermascopy for routine screenings immediately. Wear SPF 30 – 50 daily and apply every two hours when out in the sun. Adding UPF 50 clothing is always a  great idea!  Take care of your skin. Take care of you.  Be aware. Because #awarenesssaveslifes  #livelifelikeclaire!