Air Travel and Melanoma; Know Your Risk!

Summer is finally here and it’s time to pack the bags and take off to a new adventure!  There’s so much on our mind when it comes to airline travel these days with cancelled flights, delays or lost luggage we want to offer this reminder; don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you board!

Research in the Journal of American Medical Association  found airline passengers as well as  flight crews are exposed to an extreme amount of damaging UV  while in the air.  In fact, it’s so intense the study found one hour in flight equals 20 minutes in a tanning booth. Keep in mind one visit to a tanning booth can increase your risk of developing melanoma by 75%.

The risk is not limited to those just in window seats as the rays flood the entire cabin. Obviously avoiding a window seat and or lowering the shade can help  reduce exposure but to be safe, apply sunscreen prior to your flight and reapply every two hours. Wearing UPF 50 clothing helps as well! And don’t forget the little ones! Window seats are the favorite for them! Keep the sunscreen handy and close the shade as soon as possible.

Most importantly, have a terrific trip! Stay safe! #livelifelikeclaire

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