At the Claire Marie Foundation, we take prevention of melanoma very seriously.  After all, melanoma is one of the easiest cancers to prevent and detect early.  And although we are serious in our belief that #skincare is #selfcare – that doesn’t’ mean it can’t be fun!

That’s why we are SO excited to partner with SPOTMYUV,  the world’s first clinically proven UV Detection Sticker that gives you a clear view of your sun protection!  As you run, swim, sweat and play, SPOTMYUV’s patented Dermatrue®skinmimicking technology interacts with sunscreen giving you a personalized reminder of when it is time to reapply!  How cool is that?

It’s as easy as this – after you shower in the morning, pop on the purple SPOTMYUV sticker first thing!  Pick a spot on your skin where the SPOT is sure to soak up the sun along with you!  Next, slather on the sunscreen, making sure to  cover the purple spot.  Now, here’s the cool part – watch the purple disappear!  Voila!  When the SPOT is clear – you are good to go.  When it turns purple; time to reapply more sunscreen.   One SPOT will last a full day with repeated sunscreen application.  Then go have a blast!  Swim, play, sweat!  Let your focus be on the day, not your sunscreen.

SPOTMYUV works with your favorite sunscreen and with all skin tones.  It’s latex free and hypoallergenic, perfect for the whole family!  Want to SPOT up?  Order today via this link and use our promo code CMSPOT20.  That will give you 20% off as a friend of Claire Marie! 

Here’s to a great #sunsafe summer! #livelifelikeclaire

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